IBM Smart Cloud Onboarding
Moving your environment to the Cloud is simple once all the blocs have been lined up.  AS PriorIT can help you every step of the way from Justification to completion of onboarding.

Let us help you with your plans to Smart Cloud Notes and make a successful migration.

Emergency Remediation
Emergency Remediation is based on immediate problems you may have with your Domino/Notes network.  This is usually done with the help of your Domino administrators and where knowledge transfer will be done with them.

-Solutions provided directly or with the help of 3rd party such as IBM PMR
-Temporary replacement of administrators when current administrator is on leave or quits
-Also includes help to find permanent replacement

-Temporary addition instead of FTE on specific projects (such as Upgrades)

-Performed with the help of current administrators and other teams (Hardware, software etc) to design end systems in accordance to your company specifications

Business Process Definition:
-Performed with a review of business processes that could be simplified with automation provided by the Domino framework. (example to come)

Administrator and user Education:

Disaster Recovery

Enterprise document management expertise