Current and previous projects where AS Prior IT and/or Jacques Pagé was involved.

Centennial Gravel and Excavation ltd (approximately 40 employees – 2005 to Now)

The project at Centennial Gravel and Excavation consisted of implementing computerized method of business.

From a single computer hardwired to a dial up Internet connection, Centennial has evolved through the expert guidance of AS PriorIT to a multi station and server based environment that include Active Directory.

Additionally, Jacques supervised the introduction and acceptance of Quickbooks as the new accounting software to replace the previous manual process.

From client invoicing to payroll.

A second portion to the initial installment include the installation and configuration of Fleet Manager Pro to help understand what is really going on with the machinery used.

Finally, AS PriorIT is responsible for the maintain of the server, network and computer as well as the training of the employee.

We are also exploring new avenues to implement the latest tracking technology.

Horse Country magazine (2 employees – 2003 to Now)
The owner Linda Hazlewood had one computer to do the production and editing of the magazine as well as do the book keeping for the company.  I helped her create and manage a small network with 3 computers to help her do her work while someone came and used Quickbooks.

Mouvement des Caisses Populaires Desjardins (excess of 49000 employees – 2012 – 2013)
I was originally hired as a Messaging Architect for one month.  The task at hand was to move 29000 employees email system from Domino version 6.5 hosted by IBM to Domino 8.5.3 hosted by Desjardins on AIX servers.
The goal (which was reached) was also to centralize users hosted on 20+ servers to the new ones.
This contract was done through IBM Canada (ISSL services) and ran from August 12 2012 to February 22 2013.

East St Paul Police (Approximately 15 employees 2003 to 2008)
East St Paul Police had Lotus Domino as well as a large Domino database for arrest records. This database had been developed using the Lotus security and needed to be updated.  I worked with developers to plan and implement the changes.  I then was selected to also support their office network, computers and printers.  At first, they had only a few computers shared amongst all the officers and only one server.  I was tasked to upgrade with a single computer per officer and add one server to host more services. By the time ESPP was taken over by the RCMP, every officer could log into any computer and retrieve their desktop and data as it was saved on the last computer they used.  The servers were set redundant to reach a 99% up-time.

The Masters Group (Approximately 20 employees and 5 companies – 2001 – 2012)
I was called by Garage Masters to fix a problem with one of their 2 computers.  It turned out they had been installed with pirated versions of Windows. I fixed those problems but they were still 2 independent computers with no connection in between them. I then implemented a server/client environment with Active Directory and VMWare virtual servers that were hosting anti-virus, backup services for all the computers and servers and Domino messaging.
I then worked with the owners to architect and create a client managing software that ended up saving approximately $35.000 to the company per year.  When I left to work full time at Wawanesa, the Masters group had 10 networked computers in 2 locations connected VPN and 3 servers with Active Directory, NAS and nightly backups of the whole system.

Cooperators Insurance (approximately 1500 employees – 2007)
I was consulting with Cooperators to architect administer and help local support move approximately 4500 users from a locally hosted server to IBM on Demand system

Great West Life (2 contracts)(2002 and 2004)
The first task with Great West Life was to move a Domino server from a Windows NT to a Windows 2000 server in the new setup they had.  This task included the setup of the new Domino server, transfer of the data and changes in the DNS environment so the clients could connect.
The second task was to upgrade Domino and the encryption system.
Sogique (Quebec)
Emergency resolution of problems with the implementation of the new DST onwith various servers and clients. Those ranged from Windows 3.1 to Windows 2000 and Windows NT and 2000.

Securities Commission in Toronto
Emergency troubleshoot and resolution of the DST change problem on clients and servers.

Princess Auto (2002)
At Princess Auto, I was task to track and resolve the cause of a slow connection on the server.  For this, I was able to use the help of contacts in the community who helped me resolve the problem which turned out to be one with the network card setting.  Once this was resolved, the connection speed came back to normal.

SaskTel (2004)
For Sakstel in Regina, I did a full health Check of their Domino infrastructure and gave the report to their manager.

SaskPower (2004)
For Sask Power in Regina, I did a full health Check of their Domino infrastructure and gave the report to their manager.

Canadian Wheat Board (2002)
At CWB, the contract was to perform upgrade to the 650 clients to version 5.  The task was to architect and perform the upgrade which was done while the employees were in the classroom getting instructions on this latest version.  By the time they came back to their desk, they could already use their new knowledge.  During my contract, I also mentored and helped support desk personnel.

Thunder Bay Telephone (2001)
At Thunder Bay Telephone, I was mandated to migrate users from a common system with the City of Thunder Bay to an independent system at Thunder Bay Telephone.  This required that all the migrated users kept their actual email address, systems and encryption keys. The migration was done partially with a software from Cooperteam.

Omniglass (2000 to 2007)
Direct contact was Don Keatch.  I started with Omniglass to help them with a Lotus Domino problem. After solving that issue, they needed help with networking and some of the software they had. I became their network administrator and I set up their environment and their software for a period of almost 8 years.

KDHC (Kenora District Housing Company)(2001 to 2005 – now closed)
I worked as a Domino/network administrator for KDHC while at Ikthuse consulting. I was working on site in their Kenora and Dryden offices or remotely via VPN connection.  They became my clients after Ikthuse Consulting and they ceased to be a client when they were merged with another government company.

Maple Leaf Construction (2001 to 2007)
Maple Leaf Construction became a client shortly after Omniglass.  During my stay, I set them up with a server, Active Directory and networking solutions. I also got them a large format printer for their plans.  With a developer at Ikthuse Consulting, we integrated a time sheet system that was used by remote crew.  This system let the onsite managers upload all of the employee’s time sheets via a web application.