Domino Domain Audit

Comprehensive audit of your IBM Domino Domain

Complete Review of Your Domain’s Configuration and Architecture

We perform a detailed examination of your domain’s configuration to ensure you are implementing Best Practices, are secured and are correctly using the latest Domino features. This intensive review helps draw the picture of where your implementation of Domino is and what options you should be considering to maximize your returns and capabilities.

The audit can be performed in both English or French

Why Audit?

  • You get a complete review done by someone with over 18 years experience as an administrator of small to very large Domino implementation
  • You get an UN-biased review of your environment
  • You get a road map of the tasks at hand to bring your Domino domain to Best Practices levels
  • You get a complete and detailed overview of your Domino domain
How do we perform your IBM Domino audit?

We meet with your IBM Domino administration members as well as some chosen users to get the initial view of your environment

Then the real task begins;
-We review all configurations documents (Ini, Server and Configuration Documents, etc)
-We review your Domino Directory and match it to its physical components (Names for mail files)
-We review Logs, Events and Monitoring results and visually bring out what your environment looks like
-We also review Policies, Statistic and Diagnostic configurations

Finally, we complete the investigation by reviewing the physical (disk) environment (Files, Locations, hierarchy etc) and inquiring about our findings with your team to completely understand our findings

What do you get?

A complete report showing you the Big Picture of your IBM Domino environment
A list of findings and prioritized recommendations to maximize your IBM Domino investment
A road map to resolutions that will help everyone enjoy your Domino/Notes messaging and collaboration system.

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