DAOS & Replication???

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DAOS & Replication???

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HI Sushan

A Very Happy New Year to you too..!  May 2014 be the best it can be!

When you talk about Domino, think of a house..  Each one have the same basic components (Kitchen, Living Room etc) but each are laid out, sized, decorated differently.  No one house will fit everyone’s need.

For that reason, no simple answer can be given on how the final Domino architecture will look like until all the questions are studies and answered..

-How many servers?
-Where are those servers?
-Where are the users?
-Are those users mobile?
-Those users require fast connection or not ?
-Can those users use iNotes?
-What is the backup design ?
-What is the recovery plan?
-What is the company SLA on eMail?
-Do users connect with iPhone, iPad, etc…?
-What are the local infrastructures?
-Are those servers fast?
-How many power users ?
and so much more questions….

DAOS will greatly reduce the space needed on your servers.  It will also greatly reduce the backup times!  So enabling it on all servers is a very good thing.

Below, I give you a scenario as it comes out on first draft…..  Please note that ANY of what you will find below could change based on the answers of questions asked.  Therefore, this document is NOT complete and is written only to help you understand/design your infrastructure.

First, some statements….
-ALL server should have DAOS and all mailfile should be DAOS’ified.
-NLO should NEVER be replicated/copied to another server.  Let each Domino server do their own work.
-Your servers should be in a cluster and users should be assigned a HOME server that is closest to them.
-Compression should be enabled between servers
-You should make use of Local Replica where ever you can (Laptop and workstations users (Make sure they work with the local replica and replicate in the background)).  Your users will really appreciate opening that 15 MB  PDF in a few seconds…!  🙂 And YOU will appreciate the fact users are not using bandwidth and server resources to open the same attachment over and over…
-You should make use of iNotes where you can (This will help having to update client on everyone’s machine (Yes, the new iNotes client is VERY nice! I have users who never saw the difference)
-Users should have a failover replica on a second server.  This can be decided by PingTime, location etc…. I would not have replicas on all the servers.
-You can disable the NLO Encryption but another set of question comes with this decision.
-If you are using SAN disk, Transaction logs should be on different spindles..  Not only in different logical partitions…..This is very important for performance.

Second, an example to help you.
Remember that this is written on the fly and is ONLY an example to help you.  .

Server 1 Europe (ServerEurope1) Based in Paris
Server 2 North America (ServerNA2) Based in New York
Server 3 Asia (ServerAsia3). Based in Singapore

Those servers should be in a cluster.  This cluster will be High Availability.

Users will have their HOME server based on their closest locations
Tokyo users will be in Singapore
Toronto users will be in New York
London users will be in Paris

What I would do is give them a Failover replica on the second closest server.
Users could have a Failover replica on the other 2 servers but I am not sure this is required…  But it is up to you to decide. (Think about backup also)

Example, An Australian user who ‘s HOME server is the ServerAsia3, would have their replicated (fail over copy) on the ServerEurope1.
Just remember that once you define where users will go, this will become YOUR logic. Make sure you have it down on paper to explain future administrators so they keep using it. Without it, things could get confusing VERY fast.

Folder Structure—
On ALL 3 servers, I would create a folder structure as follow

Your server structure would look something like this…
ServerEurope1/EuropeMail (all Europe Users would have this server as their HOME server and their files would be in the EuropeMail server)
ServerEurope1/AsiaMail (Asia users with this server as a failover would have a replica of their mail in that folder.)
ServerErope1/NorthAMail (North American users with this server as a failover would have a replica of their mail in that folder.)

The other 2 servers would be set the same way.. (showing only ServerAsia3 as example)

ALL servers would have TransacLog enabled.
ALL 3 servers would be DAOS enabled for ALL mailfile no matter which folder they reside in
ALL users mail file would be DAOSed on ALL server where it resides (Local AND replicated files)

You could backup the mailfiles locally.You could backup only the Active mail files.(But backup is a complete new discussion…..)
ServerAsia3/AsiaMail (Backup only the mail files in the AsiaMail folder and backup the whole NLO folder)
ServerEurope1/EuropeMail (Backup only the mail files in the EuropeMail folder and backup the whole NLO folder)
ServerNorthAMail/NorthAMail (Backup only the mail files in the NorthAMail folder and backup the whole NLO folder)

Perhaps you want to have ALL the mailfiles replicated to a 4th server called Europe2 and then backup this one ONLY….  Backup ALL the mail files and ALL the NLO… BUT then again, this is decided after discussion with other groups.

Bottom line, Ideas about the final architecture are virtually endless.  Domino can be tweaked to run faster and more efficiently depending on YOUR environment and specific needs.. NO one size fits all…

Remember that what ever decision you take will involve other department.  You need to keep them close to you.  They need to understand what you want to do so they can help the best they can.  The more they know, the better YOUR side will work with THEIR side…….

I would be happy to contract with you locally or remotely on that project.

Hope this helps.

Jacques Page

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