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What version of Lotus Notes/Domino are you using?

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I am wondering what versions of Lotus Notes/Domino are in use at your site and if there are plans to upgrade.

As we all know, there is a definite dissatisfaction of the Domino environment in many places but what we have seen is that Domino is not at the most current version.

I have worked with a a company where Notes was laid on the cutting board.

The problems we found were multiple but simply said,

– The servers were at version 6.0 when 7.x was Gold release
– The servers were in a cluster but permissions prevented them to talk to each other
– One of the division was working with Notes 4.5 (this is not a typo!)- The administrators were so overwhelmed by the daily problems that improving the system was not an option

We were able to work together with the administrators (Domino, Network, Hardware, Servers, Linux etc) and build a solid environment which maintained a 99.9% uptime for over 4 years now.

All the new features such as DAOS, IDVault, Cloud access to email were implemented along with full mobility.  This increased the user satisfaction to the point where Domino has been put back on it’s legs and is no longer scheduled for the knife.

So the question is…  What version and features are you using?